We create awesome pop-up shops on tricycles in NYC (and soon, San Francisco)

Peddler Pop-Ups is a unique service that enables businesses to peddle their merchandise and become striking advertisements on the streets of New York. For a new product launch, exposure, company giveaway, or just to sell more cool stuff, we custom-build beautiful company-branded displays with character, certain to be #photographed and admired by hundreds of pedestrians.


Actually sell your products with our mobile POS system!

Our tricycles come with a friendly cyclist merchant and a trike-mounted iPad equipped with a Square & Shopify POS. We're powered to sell any of your work via cash or credit card. And you get 100% of your revenue.  We can also run contests, collect email addresses, put our location coordinates on Foursquare, and document the event as it happens.


A new spin on pop-ups.

We spoke with many businesses, big and small, and it's very often the case with traditional pop-up shops that nobody shows up. Beyond the expenses of renting these exclusive and sometimes hard to find storefronts and in-between-lease retail spaces, if the 5,000 people on your mailing list just couldn't go that day, how will anyone ever know about it?  There's a lot of standing around and waiting. Additionally, there are construction costs, transportation costs, staff costs, and if you're not already located in New York, travel costs. And if you do manage to find something affordable, chances are it could be far from street traffic.

Welcome... our tricycle! We're providing an exciting and lower cost solution to promote your work with more outreach than any tiny hidden basement anywhere. You don't have to resort to luck and randomness for people to engage with your company. We'll build a storefront art directed with entertaining visuals and concepts to be Instagrammed and tweeted by the masses.



Promote your work in all of New York's boroughs without even being here!

Where can we travel? Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Dumbo, Fort Greene. Manhattan: Soho, Tribeca, The Lower East Side, the West Village, the East Village, Union Square, the Flatiron, Columbus Circle, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, or logistics permitting, wherever you want! We can hit multiple locations in a day while marketing your work en route to your target spots. You can be based anywhere! If you're not located in New York, you can ship your products to us and we'll ship any remaining products back to you. This is a great way to get exposure with the customers in any of your dream New York neighborhoods without searching for a storefront or the hassle of travel.


The charm of the 1930's in the future.

Our tricycles are crafted locally in Brooklyn by the original creators of the Good Humor ice cream tricycle. It still has the same whimsical and exciting presence it had decades ago. Beyond its aesthetic novelty, our cargo tricycle is totally functional and can travel far on streets, bike lanes, and bridges. As it's mobile, we'll be able to live-tweet the trike's locations and make its display highly hashtaggable and easily @mentioned, so information about your company can spread through our picture-taking universe.


What will you sell?




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